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Premium Bamboo Double Rolls Bamboo toilet paper Classic White Paper Towels Paper towel Natural Brown Paper Towels Paper towel FREE SHIPPING in Continental US

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Shop our forest-friendly products!

Premium Bamboo Double Rolls Bamboo toilet paper Classic White Paper Towels Paper towel Natural Brown Paper Towels Paper towel FREE SHIPPING in Continental US
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Ready to level up your 🚽 routine?

Say hello to our new bidet .

rating stars (300+ reviews on amazon)
rating stars (250+ reviews on amazon)

“Where Has This Thing Been All My Life?!?!”

- Wallace P.

“I never bother to write reviews but... this will change your life.”

- Arthur

“It really is a game changer!”

- Joseph

“WOW... I was skeptical... but now I am a changed man! ”

- Emmett W.

“I can't believe how long I lived without a bidet”

- Joy

“Just bought my third of these... best thing ever!”

- Patricia Q.

“….this is AWESOME. Should have done this sooner”

- Petals

“I will no longer ever live without a bidet...”

- Itzamme M.

“At first I wasn’t sold on it, and now I can’t live without.”

- Timothy O.

“Why has it taken so long to embrace the bidet? It's the best thing ever!”

- Matt

Word on the street is: it’s life-changing!


This magical little gadget attaches to your toilet, connects to your clean water supply (just like your shower), and gives your bum a refreshing wash after every bathroom trip.

💦 🍑

It’s cleaner, AND greener!

Less tp

Use Less TP

Bidet converts claim to use 50-75% less TP than before. Some even go TP-FREE by using a small towel to pat dry!

Reduce Your Footprint

Reduce Your Footprint

When you use a bidet you use less TP - which means less trees, less raw materials, less energy, less emissions. 🙃

Save money

Save Hundreds of $$$

A bidet is an investment that pays for itself in a few months. Using less TP will save you $ for years to come!

Install yourself in just a few minutes.

Remove the toilet seat
Attach the bidet
Connect to your clean water supply

Our critically acclaimed video guide makes it super easy.

Plus, our installation support team is here if you need extra help. 🤓


Butt seriously, people RAVE about our instructions!

Everything you need is in the box.

High quality parts, corrosion-resistant metal pieces, and free bumpers in case you toilet seat needs them.

Bidet parts
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Our 100-day guarantee

If for any reason you find that a bidet is not for you - just return it to us for a full refund.

Our Happy Wiping Guarantee offers free returns within 100 days of receiving your order.


Try it out risk-free with our 100-day guarantee

Fresh water

Fresh water bum wash

Self cleaning

Self-cleaning nozzle

pressure control

6 levels of pressure control

No electricity

No electricity required

A sleek, comfortable fit.

Comfortable fit Comfortable fit

Stay fresh, stay clean.

Stay fresh Stay fresh

Ready to level up?

Add a Betterway Bidet to your toilet for an extra clean, green routine. 🌎


More Important Bidet Stuff

Think of the process it takes to get that toilet paper roll to your bathroom. You need trees (or plants) to grow, they need to be cut down, then transported to a factory. Once in the factory wood and plant fibers need to be broken down into pulp and turned into paper. This requires A LOT of water and electricity. Then the paper needs to be packaged, transported on a boat to the US, on a truck to the warehouse, and on another truck to your home! By using a bidet, you drastically reduce the amount of TP that you need — sometimes even down to zero! This means that you are saving alll of the resources mentioned above, over and over again for years to come! And because our bidet works with the water pressure from your pipes, you don't even need electricity to make it run!

We get why it might seem like bidets waste a lot of water, but they actually SAVE tons of water. How? Because they really help us reduce the amount of toilet paper we use. Producing TP (breaking down wood and plant fibers to turn them into paper) requires a lot of water. 473.5 billion gallons of water a year to be exact. Instead, the bidet uses a small, efficient stream of fresh water to help you clean.

You don't need wet wipes with a bidet! Which is great news, because:

  1. Wet wipes are terrible for the environment! The vast majority of wet wipes contain microplastics in their fibers which do not biodegrade and end up in our food chain.
  2. Wet wipes are notorious for clogging pipes and causing messy headaches.
  3. Wet wipes are single-time use and you need to keep rebuying them. By including a bidet in your wiping routine you'll save hundreds of dollars in wet wipes every year.

Everyone's wiping habits are different (so some people will see a bigger difference than others) but you should definitely be able to reduce the amount of paper you need. On average, people say they reduce their TP consumption by 50%. Some bidet die-hard-fans even go 100% paper free and use a designated bum towel to pat dry!

Think about it, if you use a bidet you don't need to wipe over and over again until you're clean. You just need to pat dry once you are done using the bidet.

It's the same water that comes out of your sink and your shower! The bidet connects to the clean water valve in your wall . As one of our customers put it: "If you're comfortable washing your hands with that water then I'm sure you'll be perfectly fine washing your butt with it."

Most people we've asked say the water feels FRESH! We tested the bidet all through winter in Colorado and the water never really felt cold even if it was snowing outside. It really does feel refreshing every time!

All you need is a Phillips head screwdriver (and in some cases adjustable plyers or a wrench) — everything else is included in the box.

Our bidet is designed to fit on over 90% of toilets in the US. The most important piece of the equation is to make sure your toilet has access to the tank's water connection valve . Can you easily unscrew the hose that is currently sending water from your pipes to the toilet tank? If the answer is YES, then we're pretty sure our bidet attachment will be a breeze to install!

If you don't see an easy access point to the hose connection, you might have a unique toilet. Check out the answers below for more info.

If you're still not sure which type of toilet you have or if it will fit, feel free to send us an email with a photo of your toilet from the side to and we'll help you figure it out!

Great question! Toilet bowls can be all different shapes and sizes so it's best to check that you have at least 12 inches clearance from the center of the backside of the toilet bowl to the left (when facing the toilet).


On standard toilets, the T-adapter we provide is installed where the hose connects to the tank. For a skirted toilet, that connection might be hard to reach or not visible... but there's an easy fix!

You just need to purchase a 3/8" T-adapter and install it where your toilet's flexible steel hose connects to the water supply.

Wall-mounted toilets can be tricky since you don't have access to the water connections (they are hidden inside the wall). Yet, if you REALLY want a bidet, there are options!

As long as your sink is within 9 feet of the toilet (and on the same side of the bathroom), you can connect the bidet to your sink's water supply. You will need to purchase a longer hose and/or a mini adapter. So be sure to check all the connection points before buying/installing.

Flushometer toilets can be tricky since the toilet is directly connected to your pipes and there's nowhere to attach the bidet hose onto the water supply. Yet, if you REALLY want a bidet, there are options!

As long as your sink is within 9ft. of the toilet (and on the same side of the bathroom), you can connect the bidet to your sink's water supply. You will need to purchase a longer hose and/or a mini adapter, so be sure to check all the connection points before installing.

There are two labels on the bidet control panel: NOZZLE and WASH. Turn the knob clockwise to NOZZLE and the spray nozzle will rinse itself. Turn the knob counterclockwise to WASH and the bidet will wash your booty. Rotate the knob slowly while you figure out what level of water pressure feels comfortable.

You may need to wiggle or scoot back to find the best position, but once you figure that out, just let the bidet do its thing for a few seconds. Then pat yourself dry with a small amount }of toilet paper (or a designated bathroom towel if you're an eco-warrior).

The short answer is: It's possible!

The longer answer is: our bidet is a single-nozzle bidet. It is designed for the optimal bum wash! So if you want to use it to was your lady parts, you will need to scoot/wiggle around on the seat until you find an angle that gets the spray where you need it. But (as confirmed by our female cofounder) "it's definitely possible" 🙃.

The nozzle on the Betterway Bidet is actually retractable, so unless the bidet is on it isn't exposed. This helps keep the nozzle clean from any water that splashes. But just to be extra sure, you can turn the bidet knob to the right and water will come out from the nozzle. This allows the nozzle to rinse itself. You can run the water for a few seconds before or after you use the bidet to keep it extra clean.

Yes! Our bidet comes with 6 levels of water pressure. We recommend you start slowly and work your way up to see what works for you.

We designed our bidet to be extra slim so that it would sit seamlessly in most toilets. However, depending on the model of your toilet, there are times when there might be a gap towards the front of the seat. That's why we include 3 bumpers that can be attached onto the toilet seat to fix the gap.

Yes! Uninstalling it is even easier than installing it! You can take it with you and just install it on your new toilet.

The Betterway bidet comes with a non-transferable warranty that covers manufacturing defects under normal usage conditions for a period of 12 months. Registered Betterway bidet owners will receive an extended 18-month warranty from the date of purchase.

For more information, check out our terms and conditions.