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360 sheets/roll of 3-Ply, 100% organically grown bamboo.


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360 sheets/roll of 3-Ply, 100% organically grown bamboo.

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Premium Bamboo Double Rolls

12 Rolls
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers.

How many sheets per roll?

Each roll has 360 sheets per roll! 360 sheets per roll is almost 2x longer than the industry average!

When shopping for toilet paper it's easy to get caught up in the big adjectives like "extra" and "super", but what matters most is how much paper you're getting with each purchase.

We're an American company, but there is no infrastructure or bamboo supply to have a "Made in USA" paper at this time. After searching far and wide, the highest quality bamboo toilet paper we found was being produced in China.

When the time comes we'd love to find a US based partner, but for the time being we've found a partner who understands our mission and truly wants to help make a positive impact on deforestation in the world.

We love supporting sustainable products, but it always makes us scratch our heads when we would receive an "eco-friendly" product in wasteful, plastic packaging. We wanted to take a holistic approach to sustainability.

Rather than choosing the cheapest option, we chose the best option that helps us achieve one of our goals - reducing unnecessary waste and plastic use. The wrappers are both functional and practical. They meet all hygiene standards, protect the rolls during transport, and stack beautifully in your bathroom waiting patiently for their turn to be used.

NOPE! None of those in Betterway bamboo toilet paper.


The rolls are individually wrapped in paper to avoid using plastic. The box is made of recycled cardboard, so you'll notice its different than any toilet paper you see in stores. Even the tape is plastic free - it's actually made with paper, water, and sugar!


Each roll is 3 ply! Triple the comfort, triple the quality, and triple the strength. Compare this to your leading toilet paper brands next time you're shopping. A thicker paper means that rolls last longer because you can use less paper each time.

It's a decision we made after many conversations with our customers. The results were clear - far more people were willing to try an alternative toilet paper only if it was white. We'd love to be in as many homes as possible promoting sustainability, so we chose white toilet paper to make a bigger impact switching people to tree free TP.

Traditionally, toilet paper is whitened using chlorine (AKA bleach), a strong chemical that is harsh on the body and the planet. Fortunately, better options exist. Our bamboo toilet paper is whitened using elemental chlorine free (ECF). It's a lot better for the environment and safer for our customers.

If you're interested in a natural brown toilet paper - let us know! We are always looking for feedback from our community and ways to improve our product.

To make rolls appear bigger than they are, major toilet paper brands fluff their rolls with air. This makes the rolls look big and allows these companies to market them as "double the size" even if the number of sheets doesn't actually change. We've made a decision not to play that game.

We're not here for marketing gimmicks, we're here to sell a sustainable toilet paper that we believe is a better alternative for the environment and a better quality product. Each of our rolls is 360 sheets, 3 ply, and made from 100% premium bamboo pulp.


It's passed all septic safety tests. Additionally, because our paper is strong and 3-ply, you don't need a lot to get the job done. That being said, we are aware that not every tank is created equal, so just wipe with care and flush regularly to avoid any of those nasty backups.

YES! We built elements of circular design and waste reduction into our product and making the wrappers compostable was a big part of that. All wrappers are colored using nontoxic dyes, so your plants will love it.

What makes this paper tree free?

Traditionally, toilet paper is made from trees cut down in forests all over the world (but mainly Canada, Brazil, and northern Europe). Our paper is made of 100% premium bamboo fibers, and the result is a product that performs great, without needing to chop down any trees to make it.

Deforestation is a major contributor to climate change and toilet paper is a purchase that we all make on a regular basis without giving much thought to how that purchase impacts our planet. By switching to bamboo, we can have a positive collective impact on the future of our forests, and our planet.

To reduce deforestation! Bamboo is a renewable resource that can be used to produce a high quality paper with a smaller carbon footprint. It grows 10x faster than trees, making it ultra renewable and an excellent sustainable alternative for producing toilet paper.

Bamboo is a giant grass, which makes it a colony plant. This means that it grows through a root system, spreads quickly and easily, and doesn't need to be replanted when it's cut - it just shoots right back up from the bud! It can be farmed without the need of irrigation, fertilization, pesticides, or herbicides.

Bamboo's natural ability to grow quickly and without help means less tending and manipulation of the environment and the ability to be harvested at least once per year. Trees need to be replanted and take decades to grow into maturity.


Our partner maintains all FSC certifications to exceed all standards of the Forest Stewardship Council for environmental responsibility. We source our bamboo pulp from organically-grown groves owned by small farmers as a side-crop to supplement their income. This means that the bamboo is harvested by hand in a small-scale operation that has a small ecological impact.

Climate Neutral is a nonprofit organization working with brands and consumers to decrease global greenhouse gas emissions. We've partnered with them to measure, offset and reduce the carbon impact of our entire supply chain.

To achieve climate neutrality, we measure our carbon footprint, then purchase carbon credits for projects within the Climate Neutral network. This way, the emissions caused by our company have been completely offset by projects that absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

The Climate Neutral Certified label is the universal consumer standard for comprehensive carbon neutrality. It is earned by brands who measure, offset, and reduce their entire carbon footprint, making it easy for consumers to identify brands who have achieved net-zero carbon emissions.

We're one of 200+ companies that measured their 2020 carbon footprint, offset it entirely by investing in climate change solutions, and implemented plans to reduce our future emissions. Climate change requires immediate action, and we're proud to be part of the solution.

To learn more, visit


The bamboo we use for our paper is not panda food! We source it from small, local farms from a region that is not a part of panda habitats. Because bamboo grows easily, quickly and can be harvested every 6-12 months, there is no need to ruin any ecosystems to harvest it. There's plenty of bamboo to go around!

How do I contact you if I need help with my order?

We encourage you to contact us with all questions and issues. You can email us at We'll respond within 24 hours to help out!

You can modify your subscription preferences at any time by getting an access link HERE. You will receive an email with a link to access your account - once inside you can modify your box size or delivery frequency, change your shipping address, update your payment method and more.

At this time we are only able to ship to the continental US. If you are outside of this zone and would like to request an order please email us at

If you're interested in a bulk order of Betterway bamboo toilet paper please reach out to us. We're happy to provide all information necessary to facilitate the purchase. You can email us at

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