Make sure your toilet is compatible

Most toilets have standard connections that are compatible with our bidet, but the unicorns below will require additional parts or professional help.


If your toilet looks like one of these, click here for more info.


skirted toilet

  • Water valve is hard to reach
  • Toilet seat can be tricky to dettach

Flushometer or wall-mounted toilet

  • No access to water supply connection
  • Will need to connect the bidet to the sink water supply

Check your water connection

What is connecting your toilet to the water supply? Is it a hard pipe or a flexible hose?

Hard Pipe
Flexible Hose

If you have a hard pipe, you will need to replace it with a flexible stainless steel braided hose.

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Check your clearance space

Make sure you have at least 12” of space from the center of the toilet bowl to the left.

Bidet space