Reattach the
toilet seat


A helping hand will make this step easier!


Put toilet seat back on

Pick up the toilet seat while you hold the bidet in place. Align the attachment disks with the screw holes on the toilet and insert the bolts back into place.

Toilet seat

Screw on loosely

Hold the toilet seat in place with one hand and loosely secure the nuts to the bottom of the bolts with the other.


Make sure the bidet is aligned exactly as you want it before fully tightening the nut to the bolt.


Tighten the bolts

Hold the nut in place and twist the screwdriver clockwise until the toilet seat and bidet are firmly in place. Reattach the toilet seat caps.

When you're done, the toilet seat and bidet should be firmly in place.


If there's a gap between the toilet and the seat

Double check that the seat and the bidet are properly aligned.

If there is still a gap, stick the enclosed bumpers to your toilet seat to close up the gap and support the seat against the toilet bowl.