Take your bidet on a
test drive!


Don't turn the bidet knob to WASH unless you're sitting on the toilet!

Nozzle Self Clean

To clean before you use, simply turn the knob to the right and the nozzle will run water over itself.

Water pressure
  • Take a seat and SLOWLY turn the knob left to determine how much pressure feels comfortable.

  • Wiggle your booty until you find the right angle! 💦🍑

  • Wash for a few seconds.

  • Pat dry with TP or a small towel.


A note on water pressure

The water pressure of your home’s plumbing system will affect the water pressure of your bidet.

When testing the bidet, ROTATE SLOWLY while you figure out how much pressure is comfortable.

If the water pressure is too strong, you can slightly rotate the water supply valve clockwise (righty tighty) to decrease the flow.

Hooray 🎉

Your Betterway bidet is
ready to spray!