Set up the


Seal threads with Teflon tape (optional)

Wrap Teflon tape 2-3x around the threads of the T-adapter in a clockwise direction. It helps with sealing the connection to avoid leaks!


Attach the flexible steel hose

Connect the enclosed steel hose to the SMALL end of the T-adapter. Use your hands (not a wrench) to screw it clockwise until it's as tight as you can get it. Avoid over-tightening.


Insert the rubber washer into the adapter

Place the rubber washer into the top of the T-adapter with the cone-end facing up, as pictured below.


Use your finger to push it in firmly.

T adapter

To avoid leaks, it's VERY important to screw the hose on flat and not at an angle. If you've aligned the threads evenly it should screw on quite easily.