Connect hose
to the bidet


Connect to the bidet

Attach the other end of the flexible steel hose onto the bottom of the bidet.

Connect to the bidet

Make sure the threads are lined up flat and not at an angle to avoid leaks! Use your hands to tighten the connections until it's firm. You don't need to over-tighten it.


Turn the bidet OFF

Make sure the bidet knob is in the OFF position

Turn the bidet OFF

Turn the water on

SLOWLY turn on the water valve (lefty loosey). Let the water run for 20-30 seconds and watch for any leakage at the connections.

Turn the water on

If your have a leak

Getting a leak on your first try is common, and it's an easy fix!

Turn the water off

Unscrew the connection and, if needed, add Teflon tape to the threads to seal them.

Reconnect the system and make sure all fittings are flat and properly aligned when you screw them together.